Anxious to get your credit score improved? You need credit repair service such as creditfirm. Read review and pro and cons of joining their service.


What is is the credit repair company. It is law firm dealing with clients’ credit related problems.

The company is working from 1997 by group of attorney. Company’s main goal is to defend consumers’ rights against the credit reporting agencies, creditors, and the CDIA. The company brings the real picture of clients credit and help him remove unnecessary negative entries.

Having in credit repair service for more than 23 years, company has helped more than 80,000 people across united states in credit repair.

The company’s end goal is to improve the credit score of the customers. It has the best customer service and affordable pricing.


Why is it necessary to get credit repair service?

Many people take credit score very lightly. But bad credit not only becomes hurdle in getting loan but it impacts your loan interest rate.

Lets consider the example below. For same amount of $250,000 loan, you need to pay additional $1,163.80 per month. Even many instances, banks refuse to give loan at all.

When you are living with pay check to pay check, you realize the value of good credit at the time of emergency. That’s why it is always advisable to pay your loan due on time and get your credit report clean.

With, you can improve the credit score at nominal fees and  it will save your thousand dollars on interest in future. Good choice, isn’t it?


credit repair service at affordable rate

Image curtsy : Pricing :

Before jumping to the procedure, let me give you overview of pricing.

Creditfirm has simple pricing of $49.99 per month. You can get all the service with the small monthly payout. There is no upfront or future fees requirement unlike other credit repair firm. You can cancel the subscription anytime in future.

To join, you need to sign up by filling the form. You can start with sign up botton on right side. Visit site here

The company has couple plan available and you can get it with $89.99/ mo which is  $10 discount / mo.

While joining, you need to enter credit card details for payment scheduling. You will be charged monthly fees automatically. There is cancel at any time policy available.


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How it works ?

I hope now you are clear with sign up procedure. Let’s see how you get your credit repaired.

Free consultation :

Once you sign up, the free initial consultation will be schedule. The free consultation includes free review of your credit report by expert consultant and step by step plan to improve your credit score.

Legal credit reports review :

Once you opted for plan, legal review of your credit report will be done by licensed attorney. If you have no credit report available, they help you get one.

Investigation :

Detailed investigation will be done after 3-5 days. Carefully review will be done for each creditor document. The company use FRCA compliance validation database to cross check the documents.

Credit repair:

80% credit errors are material which can be corrected. For other errors, the creditfirm uses your legal right and get corrected the credit report. The company has collaboration with 3 major bureaus which makes credit repair fast. review

What will you get with

Credit education: 

Credit education which is really important in our life remains unlearn t. You can learn more about credit on creditfirm’s free blog. There are many topics covered there such as credit agencies, credit scores, credit card, real estate.

24*7 customer support:

The company has strong support system and is available on phone and email on 24 hours 7 days.

Free consulting call:

You can talk with expert team and get initial free consulting once you sign up.


Just set a goal and pay $49.99 on monthly basis. It takes 1-3 months to see improvement in credit score. You can continue the service or cancel the subscription. There is no hard commitment here.


There is no compromise with customer data. All your data is secured with 128 bit SSL security. review:

The company is serving for years and has good customer base. However, company is not self probationary unlike other companies. We find positive reviews across the internet.

Creditfirm trustpilot review:

Trust pilot has 21 reviews. As reviews say, many customers have already improved the credit score. It took them 3-9 months to get the credit repaired. Communication is also through. Customers have found the service affordable and result focused.

BBB Rating :

Though company is not BBB accelerated. The BBB rating of Creditfirm is A+. If you have experience with company, don’t forget to give the rating at the end of the post.


Time saver :

You can choose to go with self managed credit report process but it is really time consuming to understand the system, consulting right professionals. Who has the time to do all the research, anyways?


Unlike other credit agencies charging $100-$500 per month, creditfirm is charging very affordable fees. By spending $150, you will see improvement in your credit score. Many customers have successfully improved the credit score within 3 months.

Unlimited credit repair:

This is the biggest benefit of joining the creditfirm’s service. The company provides unlimited credit repair. No need to pay separately for credit repair at different period.

Highly qualified team:

The company has attorneys in the team and operated by low firm. With nominal fees, you can get service of expert. If you know the lawyer’s hourly fees in USA, you can get my point.

Across USA:

The company operates in all states in USA. This is the second benefits of joining the service.



Outdated website: 

Though the website is secured, the look is quite outdated and sometimes difficult to navigate.


Wrap up:

There are endless benefits of get your credit repaired such as low interest rate mortgages, cards, loans, apartment without security, easy SBA loan for your business and most important boost in confidence. helps you to improve your credit score at affordable rate. Though some patience is required on your side. Things are easy when team of professionals are beside you. Take first step toward your dream financial life and sign up to









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