Freshbooks vs xero vs quickbooks vs wave vs zohobooks vs kashflow

Freshbooks vs Xero vs Quickbooks Vs Wave  vs Zohobooks vs Kashflow vs Myob!! Lots of names and lots of confusion. Right? Which cloud accounting software should I choose? What are the features and pricing?  We have answers of all these questions in this blog post.

We compare popular software with each other individually and together all.

  1. xero vs quickbooks
  2. xero vs freshbooks
  3. xero vs wave
  4. wave vs quickbooks
  5. kashflow vs xero
  6. wave vs freshbooks
  7. MYOB vs Xero

Xero Vs Quickbooks:

Feature Xero score Quickbooks score
Installation Web hosted 9 web based / locally installed 10
Pricing $15-$70 9 $20-$40 + $39 for payroll 8
User Friendly Yes 10 Yes but less than xero 9
Features Most of the features in all versions 10 Higher features are in plus version only 7
Add ons 400 9 360 8
Customer support Email and chat support 9 Phone support 6
Learning resoruces videos, blogs and channel 9 videos, blogs 7
Reviews positives 9 Positives and Negatives 6
Security Top security 10 Top security 10
Mobile app Iphone, Android 7 Iphone/Android 9


Xero is the simplest solution of all your business accounting needs. The software has been launched by New Zealand company and it has broken the records ! My most of the clients are using xero or moving to xero. Lets look at the features of xero:

  1. Easiest way to send invoices customers/ clients online.
  2. Xero mobile app which is working with Iphone, Ipad, Android and tablets. You can make invoice, do reconcillation, Upload expense receipts, make bills wherever you are.
  3. Inventory management option. You can do stock valuation and fint  profitablity of your inventory at any time.
  4. Supports multi currency so helpful for people doing international business.
  5. Xero can be integrated with +500 apps  including apps for payment, inventory, time tracking , CRM, Point of sales,payroll, reporting and much more. 
  6. Secure SSL integration
  7. Direct connect to bank accounts so no need to enter bank statement manually.
  8. Facilities to claim expense via receipt.
  9. Manage your bills and track budgets.
  10. Awesome support team which is available for you anytime.
  11. Forum to get queries solved or get reference.
  12. Referral program available for some countries.
  13. Free trial for 30 days.
  14. Bank rule makes reconciliation work easy and fast.

Pricing of xero:

starter plan – limited to 5 invoices, 5 bills, 20 reconcilltion entries per month – $20

Standard plan – Unlimited invoices, bills, recondillation in 1 currency – $30 ( payroll for 5 employees)

Premium plan – Unlimited invoices, bills, recondillation in 1 currency – $70 ( Payroll for 10 employees).

Shortfalls of xero:

  1. No phone support.
  2. Bit costly for small business
  3. Reporting features should be enhanced.


Quickbook is old but still competing with new softwares. The reason may be its support system. Still it is easy to use and one of the popular cloud accounting software.

Features of Quickbooks:

  1. Facility to send online invoice with customized look.
  2. Very competitive pricing for small business.There is no limit for number of invoices, bills ( Like xero).
  3. Bank syncronization facility
  4. Strong reporting facility
  5. Facilities for submission of sales tax payments and reports easily.
  6. Facility to accept online payment.
  7. Calculation of taxes automatically
  8. Access under IOS, Android and tablets
  9. Desktop version is available in quickbook only.
  10. 200+ Ad-ons supported including paypals, Tsheets, Zapier, zoho etc.
  11. 30 days free trial available.
  12. Data security.
  13. User friendly software.

Pricing :

Self-employed – $10/Mon. – Best for self employed person. Facilities for quarterly tax estimations, C Deductions, Create and send unlimited invoices, Separation of personal and business expense – 1 user.

Simple start -$15 / Mon. – Best for small business – Facilities to send customized invoices, tracking expenses and incomes, syncronisation bank accounts and apps, print checks, data import facility, 1 user ( you can invite up to 2 accountants in this plan).

Essentials – $30/Mon.-This version is giving bit higher facility than simple start. In this version, 3 users are allowed with accebility control. Schedule payments and recurring invoices are supported in this plan.

Plus – $40/Mon. – Most popular version of quickbooks software. 5 users are allowed in this plan. In Plus version, You can prepare and print 1099s, track inventory, track billable hours, prepare budgets, find location wise profit, prepare purchase order etc.

You can add payroll features at $39/month.


  1. The pricing is lower but you need to purchase payroll facility additionally. There are two version for payroll – Enhanced payroll and full service payroll.
  2. There are also customer support complaints.

Conclusion: it is clear that xero has more features, resources to learn, easy to use functionality,vast ad on support, well customer support at similar pricing of Quickbooks. Hence winner is Quickbook in the comparision of Quickbook vs Xero.



Freshbooks vs xero vs Quickbooks vs wave vs zohobooks vs Kashglow : The comparison

Xero Quickbooks Freshbooks Zoho books wave Kashflow
Free trial 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 14 Days Free forever 14 Days
Pricing starter plan $20 $10 $15 $9 Free €7
Pricing Highest $40 $40 $50 $29 Free €18
No.of users Unlimited 1-5 users 1-5 users 1-unlimited unlimited
Multi currency Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customized invoicing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online invoicing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Payroll support Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Sync bank accounts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Android and ios apps Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer support timing 24/7 email Mon-Fri: 6AM – 6PM – PT



Phone and email

Mon-Fri- 24 hours-phone and email Mon-Fri-9AM-5PM ET-EMAIL EMAIL support
Reports Yes Yes Yes-Limited Yes Yes Yes
Bank rule Yes Yes No No No No
Supported apps +500 +200 +50 +30 Very limited add on. +85
Recurring bills and invoices Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Client portal Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Automatic backup Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Secure data Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Freshbooks :

You can say freshbooks smaller accounting software. Though if you have small business and no much reporting requirement, freshbook can provide you lot in few bucks.

Features of Freshbooks:

  1. 30-Days trial
  2. Send online bill and accept payment online.
  3. Phone and email support
  4. Time tracking features
  5. Recurring invoices facility
  6. Multi language !! and multi currency invoices
  7. Automatic tax calculation
  8. Summary of outstanding, sales tax, profit summary, ageing summary.
  9. Facilities for bills – receipt attachment, tax friendly facility, multi currency
  10. Project management and team collaboration.
  11. I phone and Android version support
  12. 50+ integration.
  13. 100% secure and automatically backed up.

Major Disadvantage:

  1. Not using double entry system
  2. Not good for large organisation
  3. Best for freelancer or very small business


Lite – $15 /mo. -Bill up to 5 clients.

Plus – $25/mo- Bill up to 50 clients.- Most popular.

Premium- $50/mo – Bill up to 500 clients.

If you have growing business, plus plan will provide you most of the facilities. However, the shortfall is that the software is not complete accounting package and some facilities may not be available.


Kashflow is easy to use and suitable for mid size business. It is giving competition to leading software services today. Let’s see about features and pricing of kashflow.

Features of kashflow:

  1. 14 days trial
  2. video tutorial and online support and phone support.
  3. Supported on iphone app, android app, windows app.
  4. Importation of data from any software
  5. You can prepare customized invoice and also set scheduled invoicing.
  6. Automatically reminder letter to customer having overdue invoices.
  7. Facilities to prepare quotes.
  8. Bank data importation facility.
  9. Supported 85+ apps including paypal, woocommerce, stripe,zoho, salesforge, ebay, amazon, simpleorder,proworkflow,mailchimp,kashflow payroll, dropbox.
  10. Supported vat returns, final account preparation.
  11. High data security including encription, https, PCI data security standard.

Cons of Kashflow:

  1. Inventory  setting is bit difficult for first time user.


£7/month + vat – starter plan for small proprietor, contractor and small business

£13/month + vat – Business plan for growing business and limited companies.

£18/month + vat – Business plan + Payroll.


Waveapps is launched in 2010 targeting small business. The free option for your accounting need is waveapps if you have team of 10 or less.

Features of waveapps:

  1. You can create professional invoices, estimates and receipts and send to your customers. There is also feature to track the status of them.
  2. Accept payment via credit card.
  3. Awesome reporting to track your profitability via financial snapshot, overdue invoices and bills.
  4. Automatic importation of bank feed.
  5. Payroll
  6. Email support.
  7. iphone and android apps available with limited features.
  8. Accrual accounting is supported.
  9. Multi currency support.
  10. Data security.


  1. No phone support
  2. Limited add ons.
  3. slow sometimes
  4. No complete accounting package.
  5. No option to set recurring bills or invoices.
  6. No option to setup bank rules
  7. Limited features comparing to other accounting software


  1. Free for receipts, invoices, bank reconciliation, small business accounts without payroll.
  2. Payroll support – $15/mo + $4/ employee for US, $10/mo + $4/employees for canada, no payroll version for other countries.
  3. Payment processing fees for accepting credit cards: additional.

Zoho books:

We all are familiar with zoho CRM. Now, zoho has expanded its software market in accounting area. Zoho has launched zoho books in 2011. if you are already using other products of zoho, you may think about zoho books.

Features of zohobooks:

  1. It is focused and designed for small business needs.
  2. Fast invoice creation and acceptance of payment online.
  3. integration bank accounts with zoho.
  4. Inventory tracking
  5. Roll based access of software.
  6. Recurring bills, invoices with reminder facility.
  7. Project time tracking
  8. Separate client portal ( special feature available in zoho books only).
  9. Awesome dashboard showing payables, receivables, Cash flows, Financial statments and much more.
  10. Multi currency support.
  11. Supports limited apps including paypal, zoho CRM, zoho reports, zoho inventory, zoho subscription, zoho expense, zapier, dropbox, google drive,slack etc.
  12. 14 days trial available.
  13. Andorid, Ios, windows app supported.


Basic – $9/mon – Upto 50 contacts and 2 users ( 1 accountant and 1 user) – includes invoices, estimates, time tracking, expense tracking, client portal, financial reports, credit notes, multi currency, recurring invoices, recurring expenses, apps supported, zoho apps integation.

Standard – $19/mon.- Up to 500 contacts and 3 users ( 2 users and 1 accountants) – Standard plan plus bills and reporting tags –

Professional – $29/Mon. ( unlimited users  and accountants). – standard plan plus sales order, purchase order, inventory.

Cons of zoho books:

  1. Very strange but no payroll supported on zoho books.
  2. Basci plan only supports 2 users and no facility of bills.
  3. To create purchase order and sales order, you need to purchase professional plan.
  4. App supported is limited so not suitable for big business.


Myob is specially designed for Australian market and giving direct competition to Xero. Myob is designed for small and growing business. Lets have a look of features first.

Features of Myob:

  1. Austalian taxation compliant
  2. Over 40000 partners of bookkeeper, accountants and consulatnats.
  3. Point of sales integration.
  4. Calculation of GST
  5. Managing invoices and accepting payment online.
  6. Bank feed
  7. Tracking and managing expense.
  8. Inventory management
  9. Cloud based software
  10. Simple accounting dashboard
  11. Email and phone support, community forum.
  12. Ios and Android app available.
  13. Australian Tax calendar.
  14. 30-days trial.


Myob has two categories in pricing: Myob essentials and Myob Accountright.

Myob essential has two pricing:

Payroll for One – $35/Month

Unlimited payroll – $45/month.

MYOB Accountright

Plus – $85/mo

Premium – $110/mo



  1. It is bit expensive for small business.
  2. Specifically designed for australian taxation.
  3. PC version is available in MYOB Accountright plan which is costly.
  4. Job tracking is available in MYOB Account right plan.
  5. Bit difficult to understand compared to xero and quickbooks
  6. Chances of duplication of transactions
  7. Sometimes it is difficult to do correction in transaction once it is done. Ex. Payroll.

Choice as per features and not as per pricing:

Once you start implement accounting system in any software, it is difficult to move to other software and export all the data. So we recommend you choose software not on the basis of pricing but on the basis of features so in future you can purchase add ons in line with business growth. Remember that good software will save your time and indirectly save your money.

We are recommending following software for your accounting needs due to their super easy functionality, reporting features and number of addons. 

  1. xero.
  2. Quickbooks
  3. MYOB

Although there are other options of cloud accounting softwares like freeagent, sage, saasu etc, we choose the software which can help most of the businesses. Which software are you using ? Let us know with comments.












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